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Welcome to UP466

About the Course

The main objective of the course is to teach students about how to think about buildings and communities of buildings from a different - energy and sustainability centric, perspec­tive. Our building stock in the state of Illinois represents approximately 40% of our total GHG emissions while demand­ing about 75% of our electrical production. We intend to use campus buildings as a learning laboratory, where students can truly engage with the material they learn on the ways we use our buildings and the ways we can improve upon them, and discuss in terms of the climate action planning.

This class been developed for a wide range of students with an interest in making communities more sustainable and learning specific strategies for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment by looking carefully at our current build­ing stock. It is directed at senior/graduate level students. It will involve research, understanding energy systems, building energy modeling, and application toward developing climate mitigation plans. It will involve a group project. There are no prerequisites, and no math/engineering background assumed. Planners, Architects, Engineers, Other students interested in the environment – All Welcome!

Course Themes

1. Climate and Energy Frameworks

2. Understanding Energy Systems

3. Building Energy Systems

4. Energy Conservation,

5. Energy Policy and Planning Implications,

6. Climate action Planning.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the big picture behind energy systems and use in the U.S.
  • Use Energy Modeling Software to model a building
  • Discuss and debate the future of building design for sustainability
  • Engage in energy policy debates
  • Develop a community climate action plan
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