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Landuse Evolution and Impact Assessment Model (LEAM)

FB-TestArea.gifBetter tools are needed to manage regional dynamics, not just as economic systems or static inventories of resources, but as complex systems that are part of regional and global networks. However, effective management requires both that we understand the systems to be administered and that we understand the implications of our strategies. We have attempted here to outline an approach for understanding the dynamics of urban systems and the potential implications of urban policy and investment management decisions. We described one modeling approach — LEAM — that utilizes cellular automata and other technological advances in spatial simulation modeling to help improve a community’s ability to make ecologically and economically sound decisions. LEAM was intended to enable users to capture stochastic influences and view the reported probable consequences of intended events in a scenario-based format that is com-prehensible by local experts, decision-makers, and stakeholders.


LEAM Projects

The brief explanation and links for LEAM's major projects


LEAM Technologies

Technologies developed by LEAM including Model, Simmap, and desktop


LEAM Impact Assessment

LEAM model's post processing for assessing the impact of the future landuse change


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